Activities at Jakes Treasure Resort Jamaica
Walking, Cycling at Jakes Resort Jamaica
Boat Tours at Jamaica Coast
Beaching at Jamaica Beach
Cooking at Jamaica Jakes Hotel


Whether you’re in the mood for a little fresh air or a serious jaunt, options abound


Led by our crew of captains, these trips are ideal in early morning and late afternoon


Four beaches each with its own distinct vibe, are all within walking distance from Jakes


Guided by our amazing chefs, food-lovers can book a fun, festive lesson and learn all about Jamaican specialties


Led by our artists-in-residence Ginny O’Neil and Tom Menihan, Paint Jakes is a series of on-location watercolor classes accommodating aspiring painters of all skill levels. Ginny and Tom bring the supplies, so all you need to do is show up with a desire to put paintbrush to paper!

There are classes for adults, teens and kids, as well as private lessons, each designed to “open up your creative circuitry.” You’ll learn all about watercolor media, materials, techniques, color and composition. And besides having a lot of fun, you’ll go home with your very own critiqued-by-Ginny-and-Tom masterpiece!

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Ronda Darlyn, Jakes mosaic tile artiste, supplies all materials and instruction. Using Ronda’s uniquely cut and shaped tiles, create your own mini-masterpiece to take home with you. Learn all about different tiles, adhesives, surfaces, and even a few of Ronda’s mosaic tile secrets. Framed panels, mirrors, picture frames or trays are among the choices for your creations. Larger projects may be arranged. Suitable for all ages. Two hour workshop at poolside.

Children: USD $60.00
Adults: USD $70.00


Ronda’s one-of-a-kind Mosaic Tile Workshop especially geared for kids two years and up. Ronda, a Montessori School teacher by profession, enjoys the creativity of kids!

Children: USD $60.00


In this Shell Design Playshop, the children paint their choice of bird house, trinket box, etc., and decorate with shells, beads, seeds and other natural stuff. Suitable for kids of all ages. Two hour workshop at poolside.

Children: USD $60.00


The BREDS TREASURE BEACH SPORTS PARK AND ACADEMY presents the first genuine attempt by a community to create a new thrust in tourism, a truly community effort, the sports park is a labour of love facilitated by many local and international donor agencies. The park is the first step in developing the business of soccer sports tourism for an area of Jamaica which has long embodied safe nature based tourism. A warm family-like atmosphere awaits groups and families in Treasure Beach.

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